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"Six Feet of Earth is Anarchistic Folk, Steeped in Tradition, Yet Fueled With A Punk Attitude" 
Americana Highways


"While there's many an American artist keeping alive the old bluegrass and country songs, especially from the Appalachians, there's too few doing the same for the rich heritage of traditional Anglo or Scottish-American folk ballads from the 17th and 18th centuries. We need more like Mike Oberst"
Folk Radio U.K.


"Mike Oberst is an anachronistic old soul who has mastered what Harry Brown described as the Celestial Monochorde.  It's not an instrument, it's the collective heartstrings of the universe.  He also put out my favorite record of 2011." 
Colonel JD Wilkes,  Th' Legendary Shack Shakers

"Look out for Mike Oberst - he's great.  A wonderful singer, multi-instrumentalist, interpreter of traditional music and songwriter.  Not to be missed!"
Eli Smith,  producer and host of Down Home Radio NYC and The Brooklyn Folk Festival

"As a performer, band leader and tune collector, Mike Oberst has established himself as a key player in the preservation of Anglo-American musical forms in the Ohio River Valley region and on a national level, as well.  Mr.Oberst's passionate dedication to traditional music history and performance is a rare and crucial element in relation to the future health of traditional music in our country."
Ryan Spearman,  The Folk School of St.Louis MO