Standing Up For Standing Rock

Here is a song written by my good friend Jean Dowell.  She and I released an album of her original music in 2016.  It's called 'A Place Way Back In Time'.  I wish we'd recorded this song on there but it wasn't written yet.  This song is dedicated to the Water Protectors and all who stand up for our earth. 

Lullaby of London
Me and my talented sitar twangin' pal Tyler Randall (Dawg Yawp) collaborated on a beautiful song penned by one of my favorite Irish writers/musicians, Shane Mac Gowan.  NYC film wizard, Evan Hand has brought our efforts to life in this charming, strange and magical music video.  We hope you enjoy

The Colors of Travelin' Songs
Here's a song I wrote back in 2006 that never saw the light of day.  I was into some Woody Guthrie for sure and writing very simply but honestly.  After writing it, I'd soon meet this pal and start The Tillers.  I hope you all enjoy this song and video produced by Mark Alexander and Jason Gray.  I'm glad I came across it in the old notebook.

Willy Dear (official video)
A wonderful human being from Germany named Christoph Heuer, took the time to fully animate my original song, Willy Dear.  It was a true labor of love.  I am forever indebted and touched by your vision, creativity and generosity Christoph!

Shanty Boat
I'm playing my original song, shanty boat, before the Pokey LaFarge show at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati Ohio 2013

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